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Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I am a clarinet player but have an interest in brass instruments as well. I have a twin who plays the tuba. Most of my family (except the oldest and fourth oldest) play band instruments of some sort or another. I look forward to contributing to this forum in a positive way.
I have two trombones, one is an older Holton Collegiate which I am selling via Sweetwater Used Gear, and the other is a much newer Blessing Scholastic. I’m planning on keeping the Blessing since it has the slide attachment thumbscrew (the Holton, which is from 1910, has a simple “press fit” slide) and I’d much rather have an instrument that won’t disassemble itself in mid-practice.
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Welcome to tmp, it is generally a quiet but friendly site. Most of the members here are historically U.K. based, but USA based members are active here too.

I note that you have a Blessing Trombone; when I returned to playing I was lent a Blessing Scholastic which for some reason played much better for my Tutor than me. The Scholastic could serve you well for a couple of years and then you might find it useful to go a little ‘up market’. Eventually I got better on the Blessing and once I swopped the mouthpiece for a (Bach type) 6&1/2AL my sound somewhat improved - later I used a Wick 6BS, the Bach was very good but IMHO the Wick gave fractionally better results. If you’re planning to follow suit then note that Trombones need either a small or a large diameter shank mouthpiece, the Scholastic uses a small shank in its receiver.

Good luck with your playing, the Trombone isn’t the easiest of the Brass instruments but IMHO it’s amongst the best of them.
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Thanks for the information!

I'm hoping I can get my Holton sold in a decent amount of time. There's a different site that I'm a member of, but it wouldn't do any good to post it there. I'd love to get a trade for what I'm interested in.

I used to own an Olds Ambassador baritone, that I foolishly sold to a pawn shop last year. Every day I kick myself for it.
Needless to say, I'm not making that mistake again.
It may take longer, but I think it is more satisfactory to get closer to 95 percent of what one wants to get out of an instrument, than making a "wish-I-had-waited" decision such as selling "____" (insert name of instrument) at a pawn shop.

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