I'm Rhian. I'm a midwife from Shropshire and a supporter of Wem band. I live with Bagpuss, also known as Darren from Wem band and we have been together for 10 years now.

I have never been a brass player having had most of my musical experience with choirs from the age of 6.....****** scarey to think that it's over 20 years now. I have sung at county and regional level and was one of the first females to be allowed to participate in the local cathedral standard church choir which was until I was 18 an all male domain.

I have also played recorder, Ukelele (don't ask) and clarinet badly for 7 years. I have also dabbled in percussion at various times and participated in various amateur dramatic events.

The highlight of my playing career was with Adjazz at the Adams in Wem billed at that time as "possibly the best school jazz band in the country".

In my working life I occasionally meet other TMP members or bandspersons who I have not seen for years which is fab.


Will the Sec

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Hi, Rhian.

As most of our tMP regulars are otherwise engaged at the mo, allow me to say welcome.

I can't do extra special smilie's though, like Dinie and HorniKaz!

Enjoy your time on here - if you get half as much benefit out of being a member as I have, it'll be worth a couple of hours a week checking in.

Again, welcome!