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John Brooks

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That would be true; with some ex-patriots like myself (I emigrated from the UK to Canada almost 53 years ago) and a number of other nationalities and countries represented as well.

Jack E

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Thank you. I already have. I take it that most people on the list are from the UK?
Yes, they are, Pat - but we do have some stalwart supporters on your side of the Pond, too, and I'm sure they'll give you plenty of encouragement.
Re. the English sense of humour - it's an acquired taste, like English platelayer's tea and ganger's tea (platelayers being the hardy souls who build and maintain the track on a railway - and gangers being the ruthless dictators who drive them out to do it regardless of minor irritations like rain traveling horoizontally at 40mph).
To brew a pot of railway tea; take a 1 gallon enamelled steel teapot, heavily coated on the inside with encrusted tannin, and on the outside with fossilised soot. Add a shovelful of tea, bring to the boil, and simmer for 10 minutes - then toss in a 1 inch fang bolt.
If the fang bolt sinks, give it to the apprentice.
If the fang bolt floats, it's platelayer's tea.
If the fang bolt dissolves, pour a mug for the ganger!

2nd tenor

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I take it that most people on the list are from the UK?
That would be correct and as an estimate I’d say that roughly 95% of the folk that currently post here are either U.K. based or were at some point in their lives. The forum is primarily but not exclusively focused on Brass Band playing rather than the wider use of Brass Instruments in Wind Bands and Orchestras, regardless of what type of music group they play in most folk will find a welcome here and being based in the USA is no hinderance to enjoying tmp.

Cultural norms do differ between the USA and the U.K. but they also differ within those Countries too. I posted for years on the old USA based Trombone Forum, learnt a lot there and rarely found any problems with cultural differences - though I did find differences to beware of that may or may not have been specific to that forum. In general I think that you’ll find this a happy place where folk share their knowledge and express their views in a collaborative type of way, sometimes we argue too but ‘conversations’ rarely get out of hand (if asked I’d say that our Moderators rarely need to step in to resolve anything).

I hope that you enjoy your time here and that you share your experiences of music making in the USA.
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