Hello from Pythagoras


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Hello. My real name is Daniel. I'm 25 and I live in Sheffield. I am a maths teacher in a comprehensive secondary school in Doncaster.

I started playing Euphonium when I was 12 but pretty much stopped when I went to university. I got back into playing, and into the brass band scene, when I was contacted by 2 old school band colleagues and was asked to play for Dronfield Band who were then in the Midlands 3rd section. Not having played for 4 years I was pants and the band got relegated in my first contest! However I am still there and have steadily worked my way down the band to BFlat bass. I also play BFlat bass for Killamarsh Silver Band.

When not banding I like drinking proper beer, reading, complaining about the monarchy, and anything that will give me an excuse not to mark books or plan lessons.