Hello everyone...

... I came across TheMouthpiece.com from a link posted on TrumpetMaster.com within the last few weeks, and I found the thread subjects and the people to be interesting, helpful, and informative... a very nice forum.

I started brass playing on euphonium at age 12 and switched to trumpet and cornet after a year, and I continued through a bit of college. I had gotten the occasional paying gig during this time, but discontinued playing. I resumed playing in my late 20's, added flugelhorn, and worked up to a few paying jobs again.

Then came the time that I had to have my wisdom teeth removed. After the Novocaine wore off, my lower right jaw and lip remained numb; during the process the nerve channel serving my lower right jaw had been damaged. Almost thirty years later, I was finally able to once again form a seal at a mouthpiece and pick up the horns I had put away for so long.

I now play trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, trombone, shofar, and I use a keyboard to work out chords, etc. I used to be able to play piano without inflicting pain upon the listeners' ears, and even garner some applause, but I do not pursue anything additional on this instrument now.

I live in the US, I'm a little bit of an Anglophile, and I have a few friends and acquaintances in the UK whom I visit from time to time.


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Welcome aboard -- you're right, this is a nice group. I do hope to see TM back on line soon as well. I really miss it :(

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Welcome to tmp. Although mostly British in membership the site owner is USA based and many of the new members are too. I hope that you enjoy your time and visits here.
Hi J. Jericho!
Maybe several other « refugees » will appear here too?

It's good to see you here, too. If I could access TM archives (fat chance!), I'd be able to tell you who mentioned theMouthPiece.com, as I don't remember. Good people here; I like it.