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proachingHi everyone I'm Mike a 72 year old widower from North Yorkshire. I spent 27.5 years in Royal Air Force Music Services as a trombone player the first 17 or so of those as a top stand player and the last 10 (AFter much buttering up by Rob Wiffin) as a Bass Trombonist. My musical background before the RAF was Salvation Army at Morley Corps in West Yorkshire and 1 year at Hillingdon Corps when stationed at RAF Uxbridge for my School of Music year. The thing is apart from a small amount of time witha local band I haven't played for many years and sometime in the past few years have had a stroke that I thought only affected my speech but when out of the blue I thought I would try to play again founf I had very little if any embouchureso I resigened myself to the fact my playing career was over, in fact had been for some time. In spite of this yesterday I decided to give it another try and managed to struggle my way through a simple hymn tune. My tone was lousy which for someone who prided themselves on tone was hard to take but I wa sstill encouraged and have decided to give it another go. My embouchure is weak and fairly quickly I begin to lose air through the nose. I would be grateful to any teachers, trainers etc for advice on how to move forward, maybe a steadily increasing practise regime, I don't expect to ever get back to the standard I once was but to play a ballad or simple hymn tune with a tone approaching decent would be good. Sorry to be so long winded but thanks in advance guys and gals.


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H Mike and welcome to tMP. It seems to me that you have the basics which can be developed, but you should probably look towards slow and steady progress.
Long notes and hymn tune playing should help strengthen the embouchure and develop your tone. Good luck!

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