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I've been a bit of a lurking member for a while but I am desperate for some help. After the death of my Mother (Dementia) I have got a job in an East Riding School, guess what I am starting a brass band club and although I have a number of my own instruments to work with and county are looking for some and I am fairly confident they will find them, until they do I am in a bit of a bind. I have one tenor bone and about three kids who want to learn. So far I have presented to yr 9 and got 7 kids who want to play, one absolute savant on the euph. I have no spare cash of my own to put in and school really can't until the need is proved. you know what is coming can any one in the East riding area lend us a couple of tenor bones and possibly a euph (the lad is playing my wife's!!!!) for a week or two while we get sorted out. These kids are very keen and I do not want to let them down. We could pick up within about an hours drive of Market Weighton either Sunday or Monday night. Thanks so much in advance. I have stuck this in the introduce myself because I haven't posted for a while but if the moderators want to shift it that is fine by me.



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Are there any local bands/training bands that might be willing to help (both with instruments and helping the kids learn)?

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Market Weighton is mid way between Hull and York, an hour’s drive from there will see you cover a lot of bands.

For further support and direction I suggest that you contact your local Brass Band Association and Brass Bands England.

You might be able to identify brass bands local to you from the map function of the Brass Bands results website. I would anticipate that those bands will mainly want their old instruments for their own youth bands, but they might also be able to offer some guidance and even some limited direct help. Don’t wait for help to come to you but rather go and knock on various doors.

Good luck with all of this.


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