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I have just had a dreadful day with HF - couldn't function at all - Sneezing, itching eyes, nose running like a tap with watery stuff.
Had to go lie on the bed with damp cloth over face - Neoclarytin (5mg) useless - one a day it says, I've just taken my third !!!
I've suffered for many a year, but the last 5 (As I've grown older) have been bearable.
Today was awful !!
I can't stand non sufferers who imply that it's only a bit of sneezing and I should pull myself together and "Get on with it" - they have no idea how debilitating it is - I dread band on Tuesday if it doesn't improve.


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used to suffer with it 52 weeks of the year. had an op on my sinuses a few years ago, which cleared up the sinusitus.
but at christmas it all started again.

while i was up the town center, i poped into one of these chineese doctors. explained what was going on and the history id had. they gave me some pillsto lots cost me nearly £20. tokk em for the course (3 weeks). i have had no problems since.
Give it a try, you never know it mite work.


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last year i started suffering a little bit with hayfever having never had it in my life and never wanting it as my mum dad and brother all have hayfever. i seemed alright today though, and yesterday i was sneezing a little bit but i put that down to me not being well.

wow lots of things changed last year, well 2 anyway, i got glasses and hayfever! great fun


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drummergurl said:
wow lots of things changed last year, well 2 anyway, i got glasses and hayfever! great fun
I've got both as well, but I suppose we should be grateful that neither is life threatening - it's just that hay fever really, really, affects your ability to get on with your life as normal.

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I suffered chronic hayfever as a kid, but gradually grew out of it.

It used to be a right royal pain, as I played heaps of cricket as a teenager.

Today, I played my first game for 11 months due to an Achilles Tendon injury, and guess what - I was streaming standing at first slip. I guess having June to April off instead of October to April meant I've lost some of my resistence.

On the plus side - I seem to have come through my first game unscathed.

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I've had hayfever all me life :?
Cant stand it and I've been suffering this last week or so...

I hope I grow out of it soon... My brother did and mum has but my dad and I still suffer big time...

Aaaah well...


I remember in my teens I had it bad, could hardley go out and playing in marchs< a nightmare!!!!

Calmed down for a few years and now it seems to be coming back. Not much fun when your a photographer and you can't see to take photos!!!


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this is the first year I've not had a problem so far... might have something to do with not living in a back end of nowhere bumpkin village... It used to be horrible, because I played a bit of golf, but would always be in pain by the end of the round. I've always been able to work through it, but thats just because I'm hard! :D :wink:


I've suffered with it for years too and now I'm approaching my mid-thirties i can't see myself growing out of it. :cry: :roll:
I too had my first attack of it at the weekend. I don't think non-sufferers realise how badly it affects you. I dread outside band jobs on glorious sunny days on freshly cut grass, my eyes & nose seem to have a competition to see who can dispense the most liquid!! :oops: :roll:

I tend to use Homeopathic remedies, like New Era. (Available from Boots, Holland & Barratts & other chemists)

Atchoooooo! :roll:

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Yep, me too...I've had a cold for the last fortnight (mostly a raspy cough) but now that that seems to be going it appears that the hay fever is kicking in cos i've got the itchy eyes, runny nose etc...

Didn't suffer from it as a kid but i did get really bad prickly heat, so to combat that my doctor suggested a course of anti hystemines...which cleared up the prickly heat problem brilliantly but i've been a hay fever sufferer ever since. Could this be linked??

A-TCHOOO!!! oh b*gger.! :cry:


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2nd man down said:
Didn't suffer from it as a kid
Funny that - I didn't suffer as a kid, but when I was 18 I had chickenpox, which I believe is related to shingles and hives and some allergy type complaints like eczema - I wonder if they treated me with anti hystamins because I started with bad Hay Fever for the 1st time the following Spring. The HF really kicked in with a vengeance.
It died down a lot about 10 years ago when I used to take Triludan tablets - but "They" withdrew it, and this new stuff, Neoclarytin, is absolutely useless - no effect whatsoever.
As others have said, the thought of a nice Sunday Park job on a sunny afternoon is a nightmare !!! - or Marching with your eyes and nose streaming - can't see, can't breath, can't play.
And the worst part - no understanding whatsoever from non sufferers - they just think you're a whinging, wimpish wuss !!!


I can really sympathise, i used to suffer terribly from hayfever and it really made life a misery when i couldn't go out on gorgeous sunny days. Exam time was always a nightmare too because the doors to the hot, stuffy hall were opened, which resulted in me sneezing my way through my GCSEs and A-levels!

A couple of years ago i got so fed up of it i gave up on my usual medicine and started trying others, with limited improvement. Then someone recommended piriton and much to my amazement it worked instantly!! Now i'm not saying it's a wonder-drug for everybody, because i know some people swear by one which has no effect on others, but keep trying and you may just find something that works for you!

There is hope! I even spent yesterday lying in the garden!! :D


iancwilx said:
2nd man down said:
It died down a lot about 10 years ago when I used to take Triludan tablets - but "They" withdrew it, and this new stuff, Neoclarytin, is absolutely useless - no effect whatsoever.

I may stand corrected Ian but i am sure you can get Triludan on prisc'

but failing that you can buy loads of it from Spain over the counter!!!


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i dont personally, bt my dad sufferes quite badly. his eyes stream and he gets a blocked nose n everything.


I've always had really bad hayfever. Funnily enough, it started up again in the last few days- seems to be that everybody is on some sort of hayfever clock.

I agree with Ian- cold flannel over your head in a darkened room with absolute silence for 20-30 minutes is the only guaranteed cure.

Tablets change from year to year but never seem to lessen it any. I used to have tha beconase squirty stuff- that just made it worse. Dont know if they do that any more. Luckily the the sister-in-law is a pharmacist and will usuallyreccommend anything that seems to be better than last year's efforts.

The other thing is that it really messes with your contact lenses as well. For something which seems so pathetic to those who dont suffer, it is a right pain in the backside, (or nostrils).


Naomi McFadyen

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iggmeister said:
Tablets change from year to year but never seem to lessen it any. I used to have tha beconase squirty stuff- that just made it worse. Dont know if they do that any more.

Yea, Clarytyn (or however you spell it) changed to neo-clarytyn because it couldn't be sold over the counter or prescribed anymore... or something :?
Mum was just saying that my dad is on new meds now... I'll be making a docs appointment this week to get something too :?

The nasal sprays I think are horrible... especially that beconase stuff :? awful...
I remember one spray that I must have had about 9 or 10 years ago that was great... looked like a asma pump type job... really effective... but they stopped prescribing that too for this new stuff :?


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I take some one a day tablets which work well once they've built up in my system. The problem is that I forget to take them when I'm not suffering the symptoms so yesterday and today my eyes were streaming all day and someone asked me if I had a cold yesterday when I was talking to them on the phone. Got some drops for my eyes today so that I don't walk around looking like I'm crying all the time. Stops them itching which stops me rubbing them and they stop hurting so much etc...

I didn't get hayfever until I was in my 20s and so I guess I'm not going to grow out of it, but my blessing is that I tend to only get it early on in the year so in a month or so I won't have a problem. I'm told that means I'm allergic to tree pollen which is around at this time of year.

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