Have you recorded a solo ?


On my web site, I list what I think are all the known recorded euphonium solos on L.P. records, dating approx. from 1958 -88.

I have compiled this with some great help of friends and enthusiasts but need to know if there are any more out there, even Baritone solos !

The list includes S.A. Bands as well, and remember, it must be on L.P. not CD.

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Paul Droste recorded an LP quite a few years back.

One of the really good pieces on there was called "Mirror Lake" by Ed Montgomerey (I believe)

I think it's all with piano accompaniment though... if you want, I'll try to dig up the recording company and label

Just did an online search...I think it might be Coronet Records, LPS 3203, but I''m not sure
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The Euphonium soloist on Better World, Boscombe Salvation Army Band, was Graham Lawrence, formerly of the ISB now playing principal euph with Woodfalls.


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Robert C. Schramm
Gwenith Gwyn (arr. Robert C. Schramm)
On "Golden Daybreak", The National Capital Band (Washington, DC), conducted by A. Campbell Robinson. Recorded in 1978. Not sure of the label details, not widely distributed outside the US.


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John Stark recorded 'What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?' (Michel Legrand arr. Adrian Drover) with C.W.S. (Glasgow) [Howard Snell] on the 1987 LP 'The 1987 Collection' and also 'The Wee Cooper 'O Fife' (Adrian Drover) with Tartan Brass in 1983. I believe both pieces were written for him.

... I have only details for the Co-op recording .... NOW Productions (NOW003)


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I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually recorded solos as far back as the LP era.

Napoli (I'm having a senior moment - I can't remember who wrote it)) Asbury College Concert Band conducted by Joseph Parker on the 'Live album from some educational conference' 1979

Euphony (Redhead) Asbury College SASF Band conducted by James Curnow on 'The Great Salvation War' album of 1980

Journey Into Peace (Himes) Chicago Staff Band conducted by William Himes on the 'To the Chief Musician' album of 1981

Song of Triumph (Bowes) Chicago Staff Band conducted by William Himes on the 'Live at the Midwest Conference' album of 1980 or 1981

Variants on St. Francis (Chaulk) and The Carnival of Venice (Arban arr. Leidzen / Brown) Canadian Staff Band conducted by Brian Burditt on the 'Spring Festival' live album of 1987

There are probably a few others but I'm too old and feeble to remember them.


Many thanks. I have not listed wind/concert/military band recordings yet, but if I get enough to start I'll add them on.


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