Have you named your instrument?

Have you named your instrument?

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I haven't given my cornet a name but I call it all sorts of things when it doesn't do what I tell it to!!!


I've always found that if I name an instrument it plays better - I named the first flute I had but not the next one, and I just didn't seem to get on with it as well :( .

I don't name any percussion though - as it's shared I've never been able to build up a good enough relationship with any particular instrument to justify naming it as my own.


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When I was at school a 1000 years ago I named my battered junior Eb Bass Sylvia after a poor girl who was currently having to suffer my unwanted attentions.
Eyebrows would be raised in conversations when I would refer to "Polishing Sylvia" or "Practicing with Sylvia" - you can imagine some of my other references !!
I thought it was funny - she did not.
I never made any progress with Sylvia whatsoever !!!


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akwarose said:
sylvia the instrument or sylvia the person? :tongue:

At least I progressed some way with Sylvia the instrument, but with Sylvia the person my efforts gained no reward whatsoever - and I tried harder with her, but at least I ended up with something to cuddle and practice on for the next 43 years (As well as Mrs Wilx !!)


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:oops: I've had my horn for about 14 years & so "he" has to have a name. Used to have an imperial called "Henry" & now I've got a sov, its "Horatio" cos he's posh!! Or "H" for short, & now "HC" for reasons I cannot disclose!! ;)

Sad thing is, my case has a name....."Shell" given to it by a couple of friends :tongue:


well my first trombone was called bob senoir and now my new one is bob junior, all my friends at my bands have named there instruments, i think its cool to name them

Brian Kelly

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HorniKaz said:
Excuse me Brian, I thought it was Theo?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :confused:

Was it???

Oh dear.

I've been calling it Barry for so long I'd better keep it as Barry now, otherwise it'll just get confused and suffer severe psychological trauma and start messing up in contests.

Chris Sanders

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Neil Glynn said:

Bert might hear you!


Gotta agree with Q, and not just because he's a blue, I use my toilet as much as my horn, but ive not named it... :confused:

Mind you Trevor would be a good name for it... :rolleyes:


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i haven't named it... YET... only had it six months, and i wouldn't want to be giving my baby the wrong name now would i?

currently leaning towards Betsy...

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