Have you named your instrument?

Have you named your instrument?

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I thought this was going to be the subject of DavePayn's strange names thread, so I'll ask instead!
I had a friend who called her euph Esmerelda, and I had a Bartholemew baritone whern I was at school - it seemed like a good idea at the time!!! (Oh, and I called my french horn "that f*******ing thing", but I don't think that counts!)

So am I the only nutter?


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oooooo i did a thread on this a while ago!!! i name mine conner!!! i thought i was the only nutter but were not dnt worry!!



I dont name my instrument but ive aquired a nickname for my gig bag!

its called "The Beast" cuz its humongus....even though its only got a flugel init!

(believe in padding u see!) :roll:


im sure there are plenty of people who do but sorry - no i dont...its my cornet not my mum/dad/bro/boyf/sex toy.....

but on the other hand my friends cornet was called Kelly.......and her trumpet was trevor,....but i think it is a little scarey,......cudnt do it- im pants at picking names. im gonna call my kids by numbers instead.

:roll: :shock:


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Accidental said:
I had a friend who called her euph Esmerelda,

OMG! Am I your friend? Thats the name of my euph! I have Archibald the trombone.

My old valve trombone was Weebl, and my very first euph was Wesley. :D

Oh, and how come you lot are admitting to naming your instrument, but only 1 person has answered yes in the poll? :evil: Be a proud nutter!


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I haven't named my instruments but all of my friends say that I should because I spend so much time practicing it and having it with me!! :oops: :oops: :oops:
Ah well, I enjoy playing loads :wink:


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Anyone thought of naming their instrument "A Wrong Note", 'cause then, when the conductor says "Did you play a wrong note . . . ?"
:wink: :lol: :lol:

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The name of mine tends to change from day to day. :lol:
From "good ol' reliable" to "my baby" to "You big pile of useless ****"

:D Depends on the day. Of course its never the player thats wrong! as everyone will agree :lol: :lol:


I voted "no" but my friend calls my Euph a trumplefunket because he can never remember what it really is!!

I've only known him for 12 years :oops: :oops:


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I've not named my horn but I do think of her as a slightly raddled, gin-soaked old tart, you know the one that sits on a bar stool in the pub wearing fishnets and leather mini and calls all the young men "handsome", where the value of young is <45. Croaky voice from years of cheap whisky and fags and tends to get maudlin at closing time.
No, wait, that's me. :roll:


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most of the names that my trom gets called are unprintable. You know, the names you use when for no apparent reason it splits a note, gets the slide in the wrong position or fluffs a tricky run. :)


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i told myself, the year i got my new horn, whoever wins big borther will be my horns name,
purely for the fact that i knew kate would win!

my horn is called kate!!

u can tell shes female thou!!


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