Have you named your car?!


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inspired by the "have you named ure instrument" thread
what is ure cars name?
Accidental said:
I suppose this is as good a time as any to admit my current horn doesn't have a name! My car's called Millie though, but thats a whole other story.....
ill start off by saying, mines called nadia
kel x

Naomi McFadyen

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I'm on my 4th car and have never named any car I've had. I tend not to keep them long enough to feel it's fair to name them... makes it harder to get rid of them then... Like a pet dog :lol:
Hoping to get car number 5 before Christmas! :D

not gonna name that either :p


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Naruco said:
Hoping to get car number 5 before Christmas! :D
So that's why she's trying to sell all her pots and pans!!!

Mine doesn't have a name but my parents usually call theirs "Bessie".

Naomi McFadyen

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:lol: kinda... that and trying to pull myself out of the red at the moment! :-? :-(
I have a big car with big car insurance price on it... so looking for something smaller and cheaper to run...

If I *was* to name my present car I'd call it "Amplo", which is big in Portuguese! :lol:
My car is a Peugot 206 called Clive and my friend has a Micra called Hattie. I think the names Hattie and Clive go quite well together when we're out on the road!

My car has a mans name coz its diesel and it sounds manly when you start it up, not quiet and serene like most petrol cars. :D


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I've named most of my cars apart from the nasty piece of Far Eastern trash that's been trying to kill me for the last 12 months.

A Reliant Regal called L'Escargot
A pair of violently coloured Citroen GSs called The Yellow Peril and The Mean Green Machine
An Austin Maxi called Jemima
A Fiat 127 called The Flea
A Lada Riva called Babushcar
A Citroen 2CV called Cynthia
A little old pastel metallic green Fiesta called Fernando
And now my lovely Volvo is called Helga...

I am very sad and am having therapy.


My first car was a red Fiesta "Harrier" - I suppose it was a special edition so named it Harrier / Harriet.

My second car was a Peugeot 306 Diesel - so we called him Percy.

Our current car - ummmmm - can't really recall what we call it!

A friend of ours drive a car that is shaped like a box - so we call it "the box on wheels" - we haven't told him yet though!!!


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my mum has a very sad obsession with trevor brooking (some random footie player) so every car she has is called trevor.
except we had a little old mini with really bad suspension that we called tigger and a seat alhambra that we called jumbo ...

my dad doesnt name his cars (i think he thinks its too childish or something)

Will the Sec

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My first car was a 1980 Datsun Cherry.

It was named "Illegitimate Child" the Datsun.

It just rolled off the tongue one day, and just stuck.


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I just tend to call them "S**** Metal" after a few months...

edit: I think the bleeper's being a bit over the top there lads!

Kepps: edit - I think you could be right Lynchie - will investigate...
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Haven't named my car as such but certainly called some of my cars names in the past!! (probably due to my Italian car obsession - they have a habit of breaking down frequently and expensively)

Although my first car (an orange VW Beetle born in the same year as me) went by the name of "Betsy":-?


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Mines called " the sewing machine" because thats what it sounds like. Its only a little old metro but it goes and its mine so I dont care when the local School kids laugh when it grounds on the speed bumps outside the school! :)

Mrs Womble

Only had my new car for a week when someone drove into the side of it :x So i've not named it, it could be a written off so I would be a bit sad to say that it might be going to car heaven without a name:(

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