Sold/Expired Has anybody seen them folk from the rainbow?

James McFadyen

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Is my latest piece for Brass Band. It is subtitled 'A Beautiful Landscape of Fantasy Music', because quiet simply, it is.

A great piece for those who like ambient music - The piece is just one big atmosphere using lush modal harmonies controlled by various degrees of dissonance.

The original string orchestra recording (synthesized) will be put on the server tomorrow and will be available for download, so u'll be able to hear if it is suitable for your band. No Brass Band recording will be available since MIDI brass will destroy the piece. A page of the Brass Band score can be sent via email to all interested folk.

No release date is given for this title yet, but it will be available shortly and will go for £20.00 (FREE P+P, 15% GOING TO CHARITY AND 14 DAYS TO PAY FOR YOUR ORDER AFTER YOU RECIEVE IT)

Check back here tomorrow to download the mp3 of the String Orchestra version!

our ada

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I was only saying to Uncle Eric over our cocoa the other night that we hadn't seen anything of those people from the rainbow lately. We used to see them on the television quite a lot - I always liked that Bungle bear best, but Eric preferred Zippy - he used to say he wished I had one of those zips so he could shut me up if I kept going on at him!

If you hear anything from them, James, or that nice man Geoffrey, can you let us know so we can drop them a line?

James McFadyen

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I'm afraid I lost touch with Zippy and the rest of the crew some time ago - here's to hopeing that when every brass band in the land play's In Search of the Little Rainbow People all at the same time, they will be with us again. :lol: :wink:

If you would like to take part in this nation-wide campaign (or not) why not buy it! £20.00!!!!!!!!!!!!

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


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We played this through at band last night and, even though there were a couple of parts missing, I have to say that I really liked this piece. Nice one James - keep on producing... ;)

James McFadyen

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hehe, Thanks Bruce!!!! :lol:

Writing these sorts of pieces can be a bit of a hit or a miss, I am pleased with it myslef and am going to write a few more of these more ambient landscape pieces very shortly!

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