Happy New Year

Dave Payn

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Though currently hanging a large nurse over....... sorry, nursing a large hangover.... I'd like to wish all tMP-ites a Happy and prosperous 2004!



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just curious how much did the "no-one mention tmp" box get at the wem party?? hehe


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mad_female said:
HI All

Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all....we're still waiting for the first baby of the year but i'm sure it won't be long :wink:




My hamsters given birth today :D Bit earlier than we expected. :shock:


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Happy New Year from myself and VC!

Let's hope 2004 is even better for tMP - more events, more parties, more Floral Dances!

Rach x


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Leisa Im Not sure!!!! How much was it kaz???

Just wanna say a sober Happy New Year,

Cheers to Kaz and Steve for a Smash Party and a stunning curry,

Mel thankyou for the meal was very very very x100 nice and the swish roles on the way home ;)

Heres to a Happy New year, hope it treats you well


Happy New Year everyone!!

Sorry I missed the Anson's party, sounds fab!!! Unfortunately I worked until 5 in the morning behind a bar!

All very amusing however, witnessing the following things:

*numerous people falling off bar stools
*someone past out on the floor and left for two hours lying in a superman pose with a glitzy top hat on
*a slanging match between some 'classy' (term used extremely losely) ladies
*someone asking me for a 'pint of crisps please'
*as the evening/morning wore on most people asking for 'voka a die coke ple'

Ahh I love where I work...


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Belated New Year's geetings to you all :!:

Hope you all have a puntastic year, with lots of good things to celebrate :wink:
IckleSop said:
Leisa Im Not sure!!!! How much was it kaz???

I have to explain - mentioning 'tmp', the initials cost a fiver but if you said 'themouthpiece', without saying the initials it didn't! I had to explain that fact! (I was trying to be nice). If we really had operated this it would be been about £40 and that's a tenner from me too :oops: Oh that's if you excuse SuperSop going 'tmp, tmp, tmp, tmp' in one long breath. What a rebel! :p


And a beleted Happy New Year from me too! :lol:
Hangover has just about gone now after enjoying the outdoor party in Leeds city ccentre in the pouring SNOW! :lol: Made the beer very cold. Which was nice. :lol:


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Yup another belated Happy New Year to tMPers from me, have been busy and haven't found the time to quickly nip on tMP until now!!! :cry:


Happy New Year one and all!
Hope it will be a good one for you all, and ecpecially the tMP Band (if there is to be one) can go even further and do even better up in Saddleworth :D (and any other competition for that matter ;) )


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