Happy Birthday to Salli....


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It's Sal's birthday today folks.... wife of our our very own Roger.

Have a good day Salli, get Roger to cook the dinner today yeah. I hear you're in for a great rehearsal this afternoon eh... :wink:


Roger Thorne

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Oi you lot! We'll have less of the household chores bit thank you very much! :lol:

I've already gone to great lengths to arrange a special birthday treat this afternoon at our bandroom. I've invited all the band members together, a 'special' guest, organised tea and cakes and planned a 4 hour rehearsal!

Now what better present could a girl wish for on her birthday!


Happy Birthday Salli


Guess what?!?!! - Roger's doing the ironing!!!!

Well done everyone - looks like it did the trick!

Thank you for all the Happy Birthdays :D . I look forward to our rehearsal this afternoon :roll:

. . . and John; you better be nice to me :twisted: :lol:

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