Happy Birthday Mummykins


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Thank you very much one and all.

Its been a great weekend.

Vickitorious (who will get a sound whipping for her cheek later :lol: ) got two first prizes in a solo competetion on Friday. On Saturday her band came first at the area and qualified for the finals, and today Adam (my lil lad, looks great behind a timp :lol: ) played in the fourth section and came fourth. !!

Apart from spending all weekend in Burton Town Hall with nowhere to sit and socialise or eat and drink (yes I know there was a hotdog stand outside, but really, in the pouring rain???? ...) Couldn't really have asked for a better one!!! :D :D


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Glad you had a good weekend - now life can begin :!: :wink: :lol:
(pity about all the chauffeuring, though :shock: )

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