Happy 18th Birthday Jo

Roger Thorne

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Special Birthday Greeting go to tMP'er Jo Elson on her 18th Birthday. Just left her party which was in full swing, with lots of Wem tMPer's and also guest appearances from Neal Twist and Lynchie.

Happy 18th Birthday Jo.



Happy Birthday Jo, hope you had a great party. Sorry I was unable to make it.

xxx :bounce

Big Twigge

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Happy Birthday Jo! Hope you had a brilliant time last night and had a wonderful day today (hope you didn't feel too rough!)
I guess the drinks before 12 were just coke eh.....no malibu in those ones :wink: ?!


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Happy Birthday!!!

Now your a grown up, you have to act like one (yeah like anybody has done that! :p )

P.S. Hope you were merry!

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