Happy 10th birthday to tMP!


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I think we've missed it by a couple of days (TheMusicMan's founding account was activated 11/11/2002), but definitely a milestone worth noting... 10 years of keeping this place open is a superb effort.



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I'll second that. All the more impressive of TheMusicMan given the ratio of thanks to cr@p/threats/trolls, it can't be easy to keep the enthusiasm up.

Here's to the next ten years!

Keith Stanley James Lever

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themouthpiece :

Many happy returns to themusicman, what a marvelous idea in 2002 and now still growing strong.

Keep up the good work John.

Kindest regards.



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OMG! Where do the years go? Well done to John and the team for keeping tMP going for 10 whole years. :clap:


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It's been a great addition to banding life - well done John and everyone else who's helped tMP keep going over the years. . :)


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Many thanks all, very nice of ya!

It's been one interesting journey I can tell you :)

Thanks also to those who have supported tMP over the years, your contributions have most certainly helped.


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Wow, ten years already?

I think that tMP is an immensely important aspect of the banding community. Thanks for keeping it going John - it IS much appreciated :)


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Can I add my "Happy Birthday" too to tmp ? ~ You are responsible for Mrs W wearing her voice out shouting " Are you on that ******** brass band website AGAIN"? on innumerable occasions !

Ten years good work guys.

~ Mr Wilx

Jan H

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Happy Birthday!
Without kit,I wouldn't have gotten to know so many nice people accross the Channel (and also some less nice ones ;-) )


Congratulations from North of the Border as well - a fantastic achievement to keep a forum such as this running for such a time


Been about a year since I was last here, but as I was wandering around the threads it struck me that it must be about 10 years since the site started. Many congratulations to John and the team - thinking back to the various events in my life over the last 10 years - got a job, changed band, went on band tour, met girlfriend, played for tMP band in a freezing Birmingham, changed band, went on band tour, played for tMP band at Pontins, proposed to girlfriend, changed band, got a car, changed band, got a dog, got married, got a house, changed band, became a dad, quit playing to start conducting, dad a second time, quit banding (just in time by the look of some of the threads) - things have changed a bit.

Wonder what the next 10 years will bring?

Belated happy birthday. Thanks and well done.


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I've made some really good friends and had some great times through this forum, including whit fridays, easingwold and children in need (wher I made tmps 1st birthdaycake). Its still strange when I get people running up to me at band contests and throwing their arms around me (when I'm thinking I wish I knew who you were). How you all recognise me from little avatars I really don't know.