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Well Worth It

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This is not a frivolous post, by any means.
I need to know which shampoo smells the greatest.
I used to think it was the old Organics, but then Pantene lured me away.
NOW though, I've been led further astray by Garnier Fructis, which smells lush, too.
I figured that you can't be sure what each brand does to your hair.
Each of them cleans your hair, makes it shiny, laladeedaa.
So how to choose between them??
How they smell.


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I normally wash my hair with Head and Shoulders, but the best smelling stuff is the shower cream that I use. I'm a big fan of L'Occitane and my favourite being (the now deleted) fig flavour, though chestnut is also good. I do often wash my hair (and other bits) with that and I smell lovely.

Lots of other flavours too :)


Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo and Conditioner and Frizz Ease Serum. I Use Aussie, because it's really good, smells nice and makes my hair all shiny! :D

Dave Payn

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Well Worth It said:
More a characteristic representation rather than a likeness.
I hope.

Good answer! ;-) I'll put Miss Piggy for my photo next time. A fat old muppet. Yup, that's about right... ;-)


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Dave Payn said:
Good answer! ;-) I'll put Miss Piggy for my photo next time. A fat old muppet.

Yeah but kinda sexy all the same.........

Oh....that'll be where the similarities end, then :wink: :shock:

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