Hadleigh Temple Guest Night, Sat 12th June 2004


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Just posting to say that the evening went very well, with over 200 people enjoying some excellent playing from both soloists, and some first class singing from the Singing Company.

It was very warm, but fortunately they'd decided against wearing festival tunics, and we got through all the accompaniments without any disasters :wink:


Where can one find what was played at the programme?

Speaking of Euphonium players, I was reading in Salvationist that Mark Hall was apparently playing euphonium solos at some Sally Ann Corp in Jolly Ol. Can't remember which corps, and who was also a featured guest with him.
Can anybody tell me if they were at this programme as well?
Is this Mark Hall an officer who is from Canada? (That is what I am trying to find out, or is there a Mark Hall located in Britain?)
Thanks and applogies for veering slightly off topic

It was Mark Hall from Maidstone Corps playing solos at Miadstone Corps' annual open air concert at Aylesford Priory. The other soloist on the night was Kevin Ashman.
Mark is neither Canadian or an officer. He was recently made a soldier and bandsman at Maidstone Salvation Army and continues to play with KM (Medway) Band. He is a member of tMP so we may hear from him directly soon! He's far to modest to have been the first to respond to your Mark Hall enquiry!

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