Hadleigh Temple Band in Notingham, 27/28 March


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Hadleigh Temple Band

are visiting

Nottingham William Booth Memorial Halls
(King Edward Street)

Saturday, Sunday 27th & 28th March

Saturday Festival 7pm - Admission free

Sunday Meetings at 10.30 & 5.30

Would be pleased to greet any tMPers who are in the area :wink:


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ah shame peter I cannot nip home to visit the folks that weekend (as I am playing at a friends wedding in Hull!) or else I would have come along!


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Programme details were given to us at practice last night:

Saturday evening:

  • I can think of him - Joy Webb
    Celebration - Les Condon
    Overture to The Magic Flute - Mozart, arr Kenyon
    Cornet solo: Heavenly Gales - DBM Keith Johnston
    Euph solo: My Unchanging Friend - Bram Chestney
    Excerpt from Schubert's 5th Symphony, arr Bowen
    Trepak - Tchaikovsky
    Celebration of Contemporary Gospel Song - Himes
    March: Jubilee - Paul Drury
    Demelza - Band Sec Brendon Still
    Band song - When I survey the wondrous cross
    Nimrod - Elgar, arr Goffin
    There is a Green Hill - arr Newsome
    Trombone feature - Peter, James & John
    Kingdom Triumphant - Eric Ball

Sunday 5.30 pm will include:

  • Praise - Wilfred Heaton
    Amazing Grace - arr William Himes
    Band song - When Jesus walked o'er Galilee
    Cornet trio - What a Friend
    Procession to Covenant - William Himes
    Vocal - In His time
    Wonderful Healer - Dean Goffin
    Easter Glory - Les Condon
    St Teresa - arr Peter Graham

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