guesting/deputising - how much?

This year how many bands will you have played/conducted for?

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In the space of one week i was asked by four different groups to guest for them at a total of 4 concerts and one contest. i had to turn down to concerts and the contest (because of prior engagements - my own band jobs) and am still umming and ahhing about the other two because they fall on one or other of my few days off over the next 2 months....

i then started thinking back to my hectic summer, between the end of may and the beginning of october i was out for all but three weeks with one band or another, including a few with two or three jobs in a weekend. and one of those weekends i didn't play was because of glasto, when a) i should have been playing a job, and b) i got up hung over on the sunday to see the band (Yeovil Town i think?) play the pyramid stage :) .

in total i this year i will have probably played for 7 bands (most more than once - three at contests who i have been signed for) and 2 orchestras. not counting the Children in Need tMP band.

on top of that on my weekends off i have been to support friends in at least 4 or 5 bands.

don't get me wrong, i love playing, i wouldn't do it if i didn't.


am i the exception or the norm?
how much guesting do you lot do?
do you charge? (i don't other than travel)
do you set a limit to the standard of band? (i've played from lower than fourth to 1st, had offers from champ as well - all of which i would happily do again)
do you set a distance minimum? (me? as long as i can get there by train within a couple of hours)



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As of Sunday, this year I have played with:

Dronfield Band
Barnsley Building Society
Bestwood Black Diamonds
Flixton Band
Ellington Colliery Band
Felling Band
Dunston Band
Northumberland County Youth Brass Band
Mouthpiece Brass (Whit Friday)

Sheff Uni Wind Orchestra
Sheff Uni Music Soc Concert Band
Just worked it out and I have played for 7 brass bands this year plus 2 wind bands and whit friday band. I have also been asked by another 2 brass band and 1 wind band who I have had to turn down because of other commitments.
Most of these have been non contesting bands who usually offer £5 or £10 expenses. Sometimes I take the cash and sometimes I don't depending on whether I have been to rehearsals, how far it is, and how firmly they push the money into my pocket.
I enjoy it and would happily play every day :) but my family, especially the children, do complain a bit of neglect :(


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you know what to do about that Hilary - whip out the baby basses...

have played with:
Dungarvan - hurrah
HFC New Ross
City of Waterford
Stedfast Band, Dublin
St. George's, Dublin
Arklow Shipping
Wem Jubilee (well, held a cornet and watched notes go by for that one)

and a few more coming up

Dave Payn

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This year, I have been mostly playing with and conducting for:

Barnet Band
Croydon Brass Band
Crystal Palace Band
East London Brass
Fulham Brass Band
Lewisham Concert Band
Merton Concert Band

All good, clean fun ;-)


Crystal Palace eh? I've a friend who plays for them, did you meet a very mad, ginger cornet player?

Anyway, back on topic, not played for that many bands this year I don't think. Just:

Moston & Beswick
oh, and tMP at Easingwold, obviously.

Dave Payn

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Stewart said:
Crystal Palace eh? I've a friend who plays for them, did you meet a very mad, ginger cornet player?

I played woth them for 20 years, and can't picture a mad ginner! May have been after I left.


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This year I have played with

Chichester City band
Cosham Band
Portsmouth city band
New Forest brass
Pendennis Brass
Gosport Silver band
City of Winchester band
Christchurch & Highcliffe band
Gibraltar Rooke band
Brass Reflections 10-piece

I don't think that there is anything wrong with guesting as much as you can.
I found that my playing has improved, my sightreading especially. Also you get to learn to follow different styles of conducting. Another thing I've found is that I'm listening more to others around me.
As for expenses, if I've had to travel a distance then I'll ask for a bit towards petrol but if its close then I don't ask for anything
I've met a lot of people who I would never have met before and of course if it gets too much I can always say no!


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can't even remember all the bands I've played with this year, but as a general rule of thumb, if I've got exams coming up I cut back.
timbloke said:
am i the exception or the norm?
how much guesting do you lot do?
do you charge? (i don't other than travel)
do you set a limit to the standard of band? (i've played from lower than fourth to 1st, had offers from champ as well - all of which i would happily do again)
do you set a distance minimum? (me? as long as i can get there by train within a couple of hours)

In my case you are an exception, but i think if i didn't have so much to do at the moment, i would be a lot more 'into' banding in general.

i help out local bands sometimes, if i don't already have a prior engagement booked!

i don't charge, but if they offer i accept! i think it is rude not to offer someone money either for travel or for a general thnkyou. I wouldn't mind them even buying me a drink in the pub afterwards instead of money but it's nice to have it offered to you, even if it is only £10 or less! I helped a band out, didn't get offered travel expenses (contest was in rhyl) and not one of the band (expect person who rang me up to ask will i dep) said thankyou.
So even if they appeared to be grateful then i would help them out again, optherwise i wouldn't...

i don't like playing for higher than 2nd Section bands, but Wilks is an exception - it's my teachers band in the Champ (i think) section!

Local things unless they provide transport to the acutal concert.
I've played for 4bands this year...

Rainford Silver (Main Band number 1)
St Helens Youth (Main Band Number 2)
Blackburn & Darwen Band

There was no option to have 2main bands!!


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Hmm... It's hard to keep track, amidst all the other (non-band) playing stuff that goes on. I think

University of Warwick
Oxfordshire & District Association joint band
Betteshanger Welfare

is a more or less complete list.

Thought it was more than that! Not much banding round here, I suppose.



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initially i only said in two bands in the poll. But if i think really hard(ouch that herts!), ive played for:

wem jubilee my regular band.
i helped out Dronefield, the day after whit friday.
Silkin brass, my ensemble..
the tmp band on whit friday,
and the TMP easingwold band.
And thats busy for me!


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Well, this year I have played for...

Harrogate ( I think.....sure I've been associated with the burgundy brigade, but it could have been a hangover...)
Silsden (nope, not a spelling mistake, but the villages are near each other!)
Driffield Silver
Aunt Bessie's East Yorkshire Brass

That's it so far I think! I only take expenses if I'm doing some serious travelling eg to Scunthorpe for the Leyland gig, most times I'll pay for free if it's not too far - what a cheap date I am!!!

Rach x


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Had a quiet year this year. I stopped playing seriously about 2 years ago and only took up banding again a few months ago. At one time I was playing regularly in 3 bands and conducting another so I had very little spare time to dep anywhere else :?


In just over a year I've played with

Black Dyke
Yorkshire Imps
oh, and the Lincoln Beavor Band!!! :D


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simalar list to other really,

Grange Moor
York Light Orchestra
Elland (quite a lot!)

I'll play for anyone if I'm free I just love playing, I always feel I should be Offered expensies, but only accept them 40% of the time and then usually just some petrol and a beer!!! Or a return of the favour is just as good..


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In the last 12 months or so I've conducted:

Harrogate (surprise!)
South Yorkshire Police
Yorkshire Evening Post
Nestle Rowntrees

and played for

Elland Silver
York Railway
Ripon City

and maybe others... As player I accept modest expenses to cover travel depending on distance; as conductor I take whatever the regular conductor gets, since (a) I'm curious, and (b) I don't think that the band should pay more or less than they are accustomed to paying.


Naomi McFadyen

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this year so far I've played with (or am playing for):

Soundhouse Brass (Plymouth)
Saltash Town Band
Flixton Band
Salford University Brass Band
Adelphi Brass Band
Salford University "Wind Ensemble" (On saxophone)
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