Sold/Expired Grover Tamborine Wanted


Grover Tamborine/Triangle wanted I doubt anyone has one they want to sell but just in case send me a pm. thanx :D
Just an idea, but have you thought about trying a Black Swamp Tambourine, we were grover through and through, but now we have the black swamp tambourine we are all converts, it is a great bit of kit, just about anyone can do a full thumb role on it!!!! and for the same price as a grover it comes with its own carry case, which i think is an extra with the grover tamb.

Have a look.
try helpful guys with loads in stock as well and quick delivery. Happy hunting........

Couldn't agree more - Graham Johns (principal percussionist at the Liverpool Phil) and his staff are really helpful and prices are very reasonable.

If you are on a budget, can also recommend the Grover Educational stuff - really well thought out/ put together but cheaper materials used than the pro stuff.

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