Grimethorpe Announcement


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So as far as "Joe Bloggs" is concerned, "did'nt that big orchestra spoil the opening ceremony, posh gits spoiling our openning ceremony !!!!, none of us young uns are into it"

yes, Grimey are going to be famous the world over now !!


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They were on behind a pit banner - in the industrial thing (beebb didn't show it) have seen a photo taken at stadium _ though they are on again when flame is lit (apparantly)

toby hobson

I didn't see them at all! So much for the big announcement to launch on a global scale!!
Personally I think it’s a big shame for bands generally that Grimey didn’t get seen, (well I don’t think they did, I fell asleep for a big chunk of it when that Tory p*@#k Seb Coe made his no doubt thrilling speech) Well, why have quality live music, when you can have some gash performance of Abide With Me by someone irrelevant before exhuming Paul McCartney and injecting him with Performance Enhancing drugs so he could bumble his way through Hey Jude!!! The poor old fella's so knackered; he looked more legless than his ex wife up there!!

Bob Sherunkle

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Dear Brass Band fans

On a brighter note, I hope you did see the Pearly B Band on the march in the stadium, resplendent in our pearly threads.

Unfortunately we did not have our instruments which "mysteriously" went missing between us warming up and the show starting. We were told by the organisers that complaints had been received from the RSPCA because we were frightening the sheep but we strongly suspect that the grimey lads hid them as there was coal dust in our dressing room.

I saw that Andrew Bannister on his phone and then sniggering to himself so you can draw your own conclusions about the origin of any complaints. They weren't even real sheep, they were East End orphans wrapped in rugs.

As luck would have it, the cameraman responsible for filming Grimethorpe owed a favour to our trombonist, Arthur "Violent" Scrote, and so after a word in his one remaining ear, he "accidently" forgot to press the record button.

All in all a good night out altho the bit with all those people walking round with flags went on a bit. I dozed off between Bhutan and Uzbekistan to be honest.


Olympic Bob