Greetings from sunny California

R E Brown

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Hello fellow tMPers,

My name is Richard Brown, I'm a tubist from Louisiana now living in southern California. I happened across this wonderful site while researching EEb tubas and any feedback I could find.

I have played in a band since I was 12, started on trumpet, took a wrong turn and played tenor sax for a year and a half, then switched to tuba in high school and haven't looked back.

I attended Louisiana State University and received a degree in music education, then ended up working for Fedex where I was employed for 21 years. I kept my chops up during my air freight days by playing in many bands, quintets, and orchestras. I was a founding member of the Baton Rouge Concert Band in the 70's, attended the Empire Brass Quintet Symposium at Tanglewood with the Acadiana Brass Quintet back in 1980, have played in such diverse groups such as the New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra(in New Orleans), the Natchez Opera Festival Orchestra(Natchez, Mississippi), and the Palisades Symphony Orchestra & the Los Angeles Doctors Orchestra when I first lived in California from 1987-1992(my wife Peggy is from CA). I have since moved back to LA then back to CA again(for the last time) where I now play in the Placentia Symphonic Band which performs regularly in the Orange Couty area in such venues as the Richard M. Nixon Library, Cerritos College, etc. I also attended the tuba conference help in Las Vegas this past June, and am again playing in a brass quintet that I last played in during the early 90's.

I currently play a older Scherzer-Sanders CC tuba probably made in the early 1960's(my first teacher had one of these) but have been thinking about switching to a compensating Eb, so any feedback re Besson 981 & 982, Courtois 181, Miraphone 1261, etc. would be appreciated.

Well, I seem to have gotten carried away and been rather long-winded, so I'll wrap this intro up right now and bid you all farewell. Thanks again for this website, forums, and fellow members.




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Nice to hear from you, Rich, and great to see you have plenty of playing opportunities. Feel free to keep us informed of what's going on in your part of the world ;)



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Indeed, as Peter says Rich, a warm welcome to tMP. Please do keep us informed as to what's happening in the brass music making world in sunny CA.

Oh and.... what for some of your sunshine...:)

Jan H

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Oh no, not another E flat bass player from the States...
Just joking! Welcome on tMP!


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Are there any brass bands in your area? (I know California is a huge state from North to South, so I won't even begin to assume you are near Golden State Brass Band in LA).