Greatest trilogy ever?

Which is the greatest ever?

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Following a debate in the office, which is the greatest film trilogy ever?

The Original Star Wars (not your Phantom Menace or your Attack of the Clones)
Indiana Jones
The Godfather
Back to the Future
The Lord of the Rings
The Man with No Name trilogy (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good the Bad and the Ugly)


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Had to be Star Wars for me, followed by Indiana Jones. Star Wars definately has the biggest cult following. If only he hadn't messed it up with all those new ones! Damn you George Lucas!!! I quite liked the Alien Trilogy too before they made a fourth and ruined it after tying up all the loose ends too.


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Stars Wars for me too, and I hope that the next film will be better than the last two. Clever ol' George Lucas for making them in the order he did; if he'd made the Phantom Menace first it would also have been the last, for sure.

Pity no Hitch Hikers Guide option...



Its gotta be Star Wars for me. Indiana Jones is cool too but i've still got my original 1982 betamax starwars tape so im for the guys in a galaxy far far away! 8)


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yorkie19 said:
Straightmute said:
Pity no Hitch Hikers Guide option...

Not a trilogy, but still an excellent show.

That was part of the fun! The final book is descibed by Adams as 'the fourth part in the Hitch Hiker Trilogy...' or words to that effect.



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Aaaarggh!!! don't get me started on Star Wars. I hate it with a passion.
No story, wooden acting and Jim Henson creatures. Its the Muppets in space. Chewbacca, Ewoks, Yoda, JarJar Binks,Jabba the hut - they were all extras from Fraggle Rock. And that R2D2 was Metal Mickey recycled.
Darth vader was a heavy breathing pervert in one of those dodgy bondage outfits and you could walk faster than those shots coming out of storm trooper's laser guns.
Childish rubbish every single one of them films.
Best Trilogy bar none was the Lord of the Rings. Just thank god that Jim Henson didn't do the monsters in that - we would have had Kermit the frog playing Gollum.


Clearly has to be the Godfather. The weakest is the third one, but even that is very good. The first and second films are outstandingly good.
I may be biased, as I'll be my nieces Godfather... Don Toby :lol:


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It has to be Star Wars. The original 3 films are superb and cinematic history into the bargain.

Their powers are strong!!!



I like Stars Wars, and at the time it was the greatest thing to hit the screens. Not a fan of the latest rubbish at all!

But my vote at this stage goes to LOTR! :D


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Always been a Star Wars fan! Nothing quite beats the original trilogy, hopefully the next one won't be so bad as the last two :?


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im with the star wars trilogy on this one, love em all, in cluding the last two, but only because the books are better than the films, a lot more detail in them


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BigHorn said:
Aaaarggh!!! don't get me started on Star Wars. I hate it with a passion.

Me too.

From the list I voted for The Godfather - quality acting, quality story. Just quality.

I'm gonna ruin it now by saying that I do like the Terminator trilogy. Acting is questionable but story and special effects are brilliant.

Pure escapism entertainment.
Are we on the Lord of the rings films or books?

Not that it matters, they're both pretty good.
its hard to choose between LoTR, star wars or Indiana Jones, they're all great.

On the subject of trilogies, has anyone read the tripods trilogy?

that would make a great film... Bagsy composing the music...
Hmmm Indiana Jones is good but it has to be LOTR for me. Both the books and the films are fantastic.
Not much of a Star Wars fan though. Not really my thing. :)

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