Great Northern Brass Festival Gala Concert


Did anybody go to the concert on Saturday night?
What did you think?
I thought that Grimethorpes programme, with the exception of Spectrum, was a total waste of a very good band. Foden's programme was very enjoyable, especially Glyn Williams excellent rendition of Rule Britannia, and Eric Ball's wonderful "Journey" to finish. Dyke was excellent. Pete Meechan's new work "Purcell Variants" is destined to be a classic, this young composer is going to be a big name before long. Dyke's soloists were sublime too especially young Mr. Doyle, for me he was man of the match. I presume that, after the exploits of Dyke's guest soprano player, there will soon be a new name for a popular brass band website appearing. It could be called 4barsrest drop com perhaps?
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Well I have to dissagree,

I thought the grimehtorpe progeamme was great, amazing band sounds, "Blaze" was truy amazing and I tought the whole thing was brilliant, have to say I was a bit dissapointed with dyke although I did like "purcell variants" and I thought foedens sounded pretty good.


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As far as Grimethorpe goes "Blaze" was not only an incredible test for the soloist but the band parts were quite challenging as well. It was amazing!! "Scottish Dances" are also always a favorite to here.

Fodens had a great crowd pleasing show as well. I love Bachanalle avery time I here it. Glyn was as usual fantastic. Journey into Freedom was fast!! :shock:

It was nice to see Dyke play some swing tunes. It was as expected very good. I had never seen their little encore diddy before and enjoyed that very much.

In fact the whole day was a smash. Alan Morrison's solo of Live and Let Die was fun. I never thought I'd say this either, but Simon Bates on sax ... went quite well with the Brighouse band.

Euph4ia were fantastic as was the household troops band.

Kudos to Philip Biggs, all that helped organize the event and especially the band members that made the night so memorable.


Highlight of the day for me as a spectator was definitely Rochdale Borough Youth. What a fantastic show - congratulations to you all.

Hightlight as a performer was getting through Blaze & that :ranting2:Cockaigne overture without making an @ss of myself !! :woo
impycornet said:
Highlight of the day for me as a spectator was definitely Rochdale Borough Youth. What a fantastic show - congratulations to you all. [/size]

I missed them!! I couldnt go!! I'm sooo gonna tell them about you saying that though - they've all had a right confidence problem just lately! Cheers ears!! :D


wHAT A FANTASTIC CONCERT.All the Bands were great. The new music was exellent. WELL DONE Grimey/ Fodens/and DYke.Well done Mr WESTACOTT for your
exellent solo cornet playing with Grimethorpe andall the soloistson show. Anyone who didnt like what they heard last night dont know what top Band playing his all about


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Another great day

For me, the day began with a 'highlight', Rochdale Borough Youth Band. A perfect mix of musical expertise and entertainment/comedy.

Seeing Wardle High School Year 8 and Healey & Smithy Bridge Bands together did bring a tear to my eye. The joy of seeing a brass band movement that is far from dead, and the irony of seeing children and teenagers being in a warm and happy environment (reminding me once again of the horrors which occurred last week in Russia). ju33les and I were smiling for a long time afterwards, and couldn't help noticing the little 7 year old horn player whos feet didn't touch the floor when she was sat on a chair.

A far as I am concerned, Grimethorpe were the best part of the evening concert, a fabulous programme played with true panache.

I thought that Black Dykes little bit of comedy could have been a nice touch, unfortunately, as is often the case, it went on long after I had finished laughing. Comic timing is an art, so a 'one liner' should be 'one liner'. If a comic routine takes too long, it has the same effect as telling the same joke twice, or even worse, three times.


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thought the concert last night was fab!

fodens good playing, good varied programme

grimethorpe good playing, didnt enjoy the programme

dyke playing not upto usual high standards but soloist good


I really enjoyed the concert, thought it was a bit long but at least you got your moneys worth! :). I liked Grimethorpe and their programme the best, only piece I was't keen on is the Cockaigne Overture but really enjoyed Blaze.

Fodens Elegy was good and I also thought Dyke's Purcell Variants was very good! When Nick Childs came on stage I didn't recognise him! he's lost a LOT of weight.

Just wondering, Is there going to be a recording this year by egon? I didn't see any microphones, which is a shame.