Great Internet Game Link!

Di B

We have gone mad at work over this! No work has been done this afternoon, but we have instead used the whiteboard as a leaderboard!

My highest score (2nd in the office!) is 322.9, and the highest in our office is 323.5!

Have fun!

PS No penguines were harmed in the making of this entertainment!

Di B

There is a knack..... you don't want to hit high enough so the pengiuns beak gets stuck in the snow, but you want to hit it fairly high and then skim it! :lol:

Still no work done here this afternoon! Anyone over 300 is doing pretty well!!!

Big Twigge

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319.8 is my pb, although think I may have killed a few penguins in the process.....are they supposed to land head first in the snow?


322.9 :D
Must remember I'd better go to band practice now in an hours time :? I'm ADDICTED

edited because I've just got further!!

Di B

PeterBale said:
Thought it wasn't going to load at first. Managed 323.4 - very good :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ahhh... so not just a brass band historical dictionary but also a penguin clobberer on the sly eh? :wink:

Excellent score! Our office champion is worried! :lol: :lol: :lol:

PS - my new high score is 323.4! :shock:


OK, so what's the record with no bouncing (straight up then down on it's beak !) ?

203 so far for me.



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206 without bouncing (beak first!) and 249.6 bouncing along the ground.

This is soooo cool!

Rach x (abandoning essay for the night)


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Jeez this is addictive! :)

PB is 323.4, could probably do better but not gonna play it anymore in case this game takes over my life! :p

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