Grand Shield Weekend 3rd May

Hope to see you this year Dave after we play, last year we were there as they said to make the numbers up??????
Hope we can do something right this year.


George, I would be very surprised if someone did actually say that to you!!!
Were you not Section 1 National Champions last year???
Wouldn't it be nice if our bands could spring a few surprises on Saturday??
Good Luck......but not as much as us!!!
That's right Heather but only at the area and Senior Trophy winners but that was last year and you know what they say.
You are only as good as your last result.
Still we will give it our best, just hope we play better than we did at the area.


Good Luck to all.

Hope to meet some of you. I will be the Big suspicious looking guy probably drinking GIN from a plastic bottle summgled in to the galleon.


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good luck

good luck to all competing this weekend.

My band is in the senior trophy.

Tournament for Brass is certainly interesting. There is a
lot more to the piece than would first appear.


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Aye, good luck to the bands contesting, but more importantly to those going to drink. May the gods of boozing guide your arm, and also your feet!

Sadly, I won't be there.



I'd like to wish GOOD LUCK to everyone at Blackpool tomorrow too.
I'm really looking forward to our Bands 7am start!! :evil:
Play well....but if you're in the Senior Cup, not quite as well as us :p


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7 am ?!?!?!?! wtf!
were gettin there at 11 ish
see you in either.. the galleon... the cedar tavern (behind the church opp winter gardens) or the blue room.. (turn right outside main entrance keep going and its on the right (£1.40 draught stella - cheapest iv found near winter gardens... so far ;)))


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yorkie19 said:
1st Desford
2nd CWS
3rd Ransome
4th Sellers

1st Hepworth
2nd Redbridge
3rd Camborne
4th Rothwell Temps

1st Unison Kinneil
2nd Soham
3rd Pennine
4th Bo'ness and Carriden
Looks like I was the kiss of death for Ransomes and Desford!

Anyway, my congratulations to Billy, Ray and the band at CMF. It wouldn't have been the same without you all at Symphony Hall in September.