Grand Shield Weekend 3rd May


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Hmmmm... predictions don't make prizes Jayne! Now I've got to think of something good to write 'cause Jayne is forcing me to write a reply via msn! :?

Why is it my job to look after your boyfriend all of a sudden anyway? Surely it would be sensible to let some one who isn't going to be poo-faced do it? Like Warder for example! :lol:

As for the draw... mystic Jayne has spoken! I'm off to Ladbrookes to put a bet on now....
I'm not forcing you! You well wanted to reply to me cos it was such a good post! Last time Lee was in the bar with Neil Samuel and they lied about him coming to listen to me play!! They can't be trusted!!!!! Warder's not a good option after he drunkenly announced his love for me last year, Lee wasn't over impressed!

If only predications made prizes, at least people think we're in the running. I hope everyone comes to listen to us. We've got an open rehersal on Sunday at 6pm in Hepworth if anyone is interested.



tam-tam said:
Here are the predictions from the South Wales jury. I will now probably put the kiss of death on the following bands, but here goes anyway....

Senior Cup

Cheers South Wales!
It will be a tough contest.
We hope we can live up to your predictions!


SoloBaritone said:
I'm loving some of the predictions for the Cup, come on Hepworth!

Good Luck in the cup Jayne from Hepworth.
Hope the rest of us can give you a good contest! :guiness


id love an early drawn, anythings better than the last ones we've had, somethin like 12 out of 13 at preston, and last at regionals!! so fingers crossed third time lucky but ive probably jinked it now!

satchmo shaz

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well its NCT's 1st time in the lower section at Blackpool and I am in the end chair so I hope we do well :wink: , we only got in because some other band had to pull out! :eek: so we will go and do our best!


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OK, to answer my earlier question

Thornton's Brass pulled out of the Senior Cup and Kingdom Brass were promoted from the Senior Trophy to replacde them

Nottingham City Transport were invited to the Senior Trophy to replace Kingdom Brass

Longridge were invited to the Trophy to replace Parc and Dare who were the other band who dropped out.



BoozyBTrom said:
Good Luck for the sheild Rich. Will see you in the bar afterwards.
Me, in a bar. What kind of bandsman do you think I am.

Either the Stanley Arms or the galleon I think will be the preferred watering holes of the Frickley Mob.

See you Saturday


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I'll be there, flitting between halls and bar, though with three good pieces to choose from it might be a cheap day for a change.

Also at Buxton Contest on Sunday 4th then Glossop Band Club on Sunday night. Wow - some weekend - a good job Monday is a Bank Holiday.