Grand Shield/S Cup/S Trophy Rule Changes


See they've changed the rules for this again. Top four at the Trophy go up, bottom four from the Cup go down ... assuming that'll be the same for promotion/relegation between the Cup and the Shield ?

We've been demoted to the Trophy for next year because of the rules they had in place this year, whereas the rules they had the previous two years, and the rules they are having next year would have kept us up ! Now there's only four places to fight for to get promotion, nothing like having the system against you :wink:
Tell us about it Pal!

We (Wakefield Met) had our first go in the Trophy this year, it was great!

Unfortunately we came 14th, which under the old would of meant a second bite at the cherry in 2004. However not to be under the new rules, so unfortunatley we have to be present as spectators at the festival.

Not to worry, more beer, more beer, and more beer!
(doesn't compare to playing I know.....!)


The rules they had this year were meant to give bands at least two years in a section .. never quite worked out like that for a lot of bands ! The plan was to use two year averages, but with the Cup and Trophy where 12 bands were new to the section each year it would never work ! Reducing it to 4 is a good move, although harder for us to get up I think it'll work better ....

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