Grand Shield - Results

Roger Thorne

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Grand Shield:

Adjudicators: Bram Gay and James Williams MBE
Test piece: Tallis Variations, Sparke
Commenced: 11.00am

1. Carlton Main Frickley Colliery, W. Rushworth, 12
2. CWS Glasgow, N. Childs, 19
3. JAG Mount Charles, B. Hurdley, 4
4. Fishburn, G. O'Connor, 16
5. Yorkshire Co-operatives, J. Roberts, 17
6. Beaumaris, G. Evans, 10
7. Flowers, P. Harper, 8
8. Glossop Old, J. Cant, 13
9. East Yorkshire Motor Services, G. Pritchard, 15
10. Sellers International, P. McCann, 18
11. Kibworth, J. Berryman, 1
12. ASDA Stocksbridge, D. Renshaw, 9
13. Skelmanthorpe, K. Wadsworth, 5
14. Burry Port Town, D. Evans, 11
15. B.T.M. Fowles, 21
16. Aveley and Newham, N. Taken, 6
17. Desford Colliery, P. Parkes, 2
18. Bodmin, R. Gray, 3
19. Freckleton, P. Dalton, 20
20. Thoresby Colliery, J. Hudson, 14
21. Ransome, B. Grant, 7

Best soloist: Flugel - Flowers

Senior Cup:

Adjudicators: Steven Sykes and Derek Broadbent
Test piece: Pagannini Variations, Wilby
Commenced: 10.30am

1. Rothwell Temperance, D. Roberts, 17
2. Jaguar (Coventry), D. Lea, 9
3. Hepworth, M. Bentham, 5
4. Redbridge, M. White, 14
5. Newstead Welfare, D. Beckley, 3
6. Lindley, N. Jowett, 6
7. BTM, D. Stowell, 2
8. Wingates, R. Curran, 12
9. Newtongrange, A. Swainson, 8
10. Ashton Under Lyne, J. Maines, 18
11. Wooley Pritchard Sovereign Brass, W. Ruston, 10
12. United Co-op Crewe, J. Sparkes, 15
13. Kingdom Brass, A. Hutchinson, 1
14. Staffordshire, D. Maplestone, 11
15. Laganvale, E. Ruddock, 13
16. Camborne, P. Murrell, 16
17. Aldbourne, I. Holmes, 4
18. Ratby Co-operative, K. J. Steward, 19
19. Pemberton Old Wigan, G. Cutt, 7

Stalybridge, D. Hirst, W

Soloist: Solo Euph - Jaguar (Coventry)

Senior Trophy:

Adjudicators: David Read and Alan Lawton
Test piece: Tournament for Brass, Eric Ball
Commenced: 11.30am

1. Pennine Brass, I. Porthouse, 12
2. Bournemouth Concert, D. Hayward, 20
3. Dalmellington, R. Evans, 5
4. Haydock, I. Brownbill, 11
5. Bo'ness and Carriden, I. Davey, 3
6. Drighlington, M. Sidwell, 18
7. City of Coventry, P. Bailey, 10
8. Riddings, J. Davis, 8
9. City of Oxford, J. Glynn, 16
10. Unison Kinneil, A. Ramsey, 14
11. Longridge, B. Baker, 17
12. Soham Comrades, P. Filby, 19
13. Johnstone Band, R. Tennant, 4
14. Wakefield Metropolitan, B. Dyson, 6
15. Thornbury, Lynda Black, 13
16. Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda, A. Gibbs, 9
17. Northop, K. Bolton, 2
18. Mossley, M. Evans, 1
19. Nottingham City Transport, S. Phillips, 7
20. Kippax, I. Colley, 15

Solo prize: Bournemouth Concert - Solo cornet

(courtesy of 4BarsRest)

Roger Thorne

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Roger Thorne said:
Right then here's my predictions.

Grand Shield: Sellers or CWS Glasgow
Senior Cup: United Co-op Crewe or Rothwell
Senior Trophy: Longridge or Pennine Brass



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i heard ransome.. and everyone (cept adjudicators) thought they were brilliant too ;) goes to show eh.. :D us mere mortals outside the box dont have a clue!


Sellers_Bird said:
Comments on the results pleeeease ! :roll:

I only heard three bands so ive not a lot to compare with but I thought Sellers were very good and should of been a bit higher than 10th! Although I dont kno the piece that well so i cant really judge.
I heard 15 of the Grand Shield Bands, The ones I missed were Beaumaris,, Burry Port Town,. Glossop Old, , Thoresby Colliery, East Yorkshire Motor Services and Fishburn, so I can't comment on those.
I found it a very difficult piece to judge as the bands all seemed to play it very well.
However the ones that for me found something extra in the piece (and stopped me from dozing off in the middle) were Flowers, Carlton Main, CWS and Ramsomes.
I also enjoyed the performances of Stocksbridge, BT and Sellers.

It's a good job I wasn't the adjudicator :!:

satchmo shaz

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I heard frickley and they were awesome, (my brother Carl was helping them out on 2nd euph)
A well deserved win I'd say!


Can anyone explain what David Read was on about when, during his speech before the Senior Trophy results, he said that the piece (Tournament) 'was a good test in 1954 (or whatever) when it was written, and is still a good test in 1903'?

I know he's been doing some historical research, but I just don't get the joke.


Dave Sait


Can anyone explain what David Read was on about when, during his speech before the Senior Trophy results, he said that the piece (Tournament) 'was a good test in 1954 (or whatever) when it was written, and is still a good test in 1903'?

I know he's been doing some historical research, but I just don't get the joke

I dont think he actually realised what he had said and why everyone was laughing.
Kinda worrying surely?

Jane Baillie
Dalmellington Band
(still recovering from t' weekend!) :roll:


I was in the hall for the results, and he definitely didnt realise what he had said - when everyone started laughing, he tried to say he meant it but i dont think so.....

Dalmellington Band



Just goes to show what a wierd contest the Grand Shield is and how results can end up being a bit different! :shock: Everyone was plucking for Sellers and the usual suspects, including me, and although I didn't hear many bands, I think it was fairly easy to judge. Those who have played the piece will know it demands a lot more than those who can play so loud and dramatically at the end-especially in that hall where loud sound (particularly percussion) will just cloud out the detail. How many bands did that, and got a lower result than we all expected? Tuning seemed to be running wild in that hall, with the lower band being shown up on a regular basis because of mutes. The piece is so cliched, :roll: and has all the basic things in it to show up any band-didn't those things they catch a lot out? And finally, how many took sections so fast it lost detail ( that hall!?). Oh well, another year gone. We came fifth, and although we put up a bit of an average performance on stage, expecting to come in the bottom six (if that!), we got a good result down to balance, tone and all the basic rubbish in terms of tempos etc...
Unlucky to those who didn't get a result higher than they would have liked, well done to those who got a good one, particularly Frickley and Billy. Hope you all had a good day in the end-I know I did, :guiness with our result especially!

Craig Ratcliffe,
2nd Euphonium, Yorkshire Co-operatives Brass Band


I echo the comments of CRat. The piece, whilst not the most technically demanding, calls for an enormous amount of style and thought to be placed in the interpretation and we in particular spent a lot of time of the the shape of the piece. The comments we received from the adjusicators pointed everything towards the style in which we played the piece and a lot of credit for that goes to Billy in the way we got the piece together.

Other than that, we went to the competition as the last placed band in 2002 British Open, and we have gone straight back up as the winning Grand Shield 2003 band. What a fabulous achievement that is. And the same for CWS glasgow as well.

We had a great weekend, and it has lifted the whole band up. We have some great comments from other people and thanks to all of them. Thanks should also go to 2 borrowed players, Carl Ramplin of Long Eaton Silver Prize and Clive Jowett who stepped in and really got us out of the doggy doo.

Here's to the Open, we are so pleased to be back in one of the Movement's biggest competetions again.

Cheers all.



Well Done Bones!!!
I didn't hear you but I heard CWS Glasgow and thought they were fantastic, so you must have been awesome!!
What a great piece. I love it.


Had the privelidge of playing with CMF - and had a great time - and a great result too.... beautiful music we made - and adjudicators comments to die for !!!

Wonderful time... thanks to all at CMF .... catch you soon

Hows the head Rich ??

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