Grand Shield Results


1. Sellers International, Philip McCann, 19
2. Rothwell Temperance, David Roberts, 12
3. Desford Colliery, Peter Parkes, 20
4. Kibworth, John Berryman, 13
5. Travelsphere Holidays, David Stowell, 5
6. Hepworth, Mark Bentham, 14
7. JAG Mount Charles, Bryan Hurdley, 21
8. Innovate Skelmanthorpe, Kevin Wadsworth, 18
9. Flowers, Philip Harper, 4
10. Fishburn, Ian McElligott, 10
11. Beaumaris, Morten E Hansen, 3
12. Jaguar (Coventry), David Lea, 11
13. Leyland, Garry Cutt, 1
14. Besses o' th' Barn, Steven Sykes, 15
15. Aveley & Newham, Nigel Taken, 22
16. Redbridge, Melvin White, 6
17. Glossop Old, James Cant, 9
18. East Yorkshire Motor Services, Gareth Pritchard, 7
19. Stocksbridge, Derek Renshaw, 16
20. Newstead Welfare, Duncan Beckley, 8
21. Lindley, Neil Jowett, 17
22. United Co-operatives Yorkshire Brass, John Roberts, 2

Best soloist: Soprano - Desford
Congratulations to every1 who played today! Especially Rothwell! One place higher than you asked for John! Well done, sure you played well! Send my regards to Tom and I'll see you both in a couple of weeks!!


congratulations to all involved, especially kibworth! I'm sure all players are really pleased with the result particularly after the recent events in the areas!

Mike S

Well, I got 4 out of the top 6 from my predictions in March and Leyland had a nightmare draw off 1. Hepworth played very credibly and did justice to themselves. The top three bands deserved to qualify and I agree with Roy Newsome's comments that these three will fit soundly in the Open in September. This means that there are now 8 bands from Yorkshire in the Open - the top 6 from the areas (YBS, Dyke, Brighouse, Sellers, Grimey and Rothwell) plus Imps and Carlton Main - a good representation!
this is to the sop player (from besses i think) that played twice 2day, one after the other. You have my respect. And on such a demanding test piece for sop aswell. Good man :wink:


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well done everyone, top three best of luck going forward to "open", and the TOP two, you'll do yorkshire proud I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing Rothwell on the open stage.


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:D :D Did any of you hear Rothwell? I thought they played better than I thought they wouldafter reading 4barsrest. look out shedophone, think your seat is in trouble.
I must say bass drum is ace, espeially when you can't play conet rite lyk mee.


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just wanted to see if my foto cum uo when i came on the world wide web. Must say after hanging around behind the basses during one of the greatest performances ever they were sensational like a well oiled shredder with *beep* like 13 foot gorillas with guns and nives, n shit.


Congratulations to Sellers!!

Wee Kay on soprano along with McCann's direction on Les Preludes was always going to be a winner. :wink:

Mike S

bill_p said:
:D :D Did any of you hear Rothwell? I thought they played better than I thought they wouldafter reading 4barsrest.

I heard them and although there were slips in Euph, solo cornet and sop the overall sound was one of the best on the day. The soprano was certainly amongst the best and his slight slip must have cost him the soloist prize to Desford's sop who was also very good. 4BR don't seem to like Rothwell, for whatever reason, as they never seem to predict them in the prizes but recently they have come up with consistent results. Well done to the band!

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