Sold/Expired GR Haefner 7 H*P Piccolo trumpet for sale

Capt. Z

I do have a Haefner 7H*P on sale for $ 90 US Dollars or 75 Euros.
I also would be interested in trading it for a Sparx 4 B mouthpiece.

The condition of the mouthpiece is exellent.

The Haefner piccolo trumpet mouthpieces were developed by Steve Haefner and Gary Radtke, and represent the state of the art in trumpet mouthpiece development, design, and engineering.

The Haefner Piccolo Trumpet Mouthpiece is available in three different rim configurations and two cup configurations (see Comparison Chart below).
The H rim is the most rounded, and will be familiar and comfortable for "7E" players.

The H* rim is slightly flatter and less rounded. It is a unique new design that offers excellent flexibility and comfort (and is Steve's favorite).

The P cup is the standard cup shape, and is the deepest of the two available. It is recommended for strong, well developed piccolo players, and produces a beautiful, big sound.

We recommend purchasing the Haefner Piccolo mouthpieces in the cornet length with the Gr adapters.

More info can be found under

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