Good Luck

For the UK homeys and any others who have a contest this weekend...just wanted to wish you all the best of luck for a great performance. Wish we could hear each one of your bands...but we'll be cheering anyway!

Kitty, CJ, and Jethro
:bounce :bounce :bounce
Thanx, and good luck to everyone playing this weekend!

Only a few hours to go for some!! :shock: :shock:
At least we get another day....... :D


Well, with an hour to go before we head off to the band room, I'm just running down my checklist of essentials (hip flask, spare underwear, spare pair of lips etc).

So this is it.. first performance as Principle Euph :)shock:) and an ace little solo bit to debut on.. that combined with a new conductor (who is great) a new Euph'ing buddy (who is also great).. can't wait 8) !

All the best to everyone taking part this weekend! I've a feeling this is gonna be one of the best Areas in many a year!

Now where did I put my music.. hmmm

Mic Tyler
Principle Euphonium
Drighlington Band

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