well done HBB. Great set of results!!!

Seeing ur results makes me feel so much better about mine. All my friends were calling me a swot but now someone got the same!!! (except i got one less A*)


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TuTuKu said:
Ooooh do you do it? where at??
Im on the undergraduate teacher training course at Sunderland uni training to be a secondary Geography teacher. It's fab cos u do two years of Geography and teaching and the 3rd year is the same as a PGCE except without the money they pay PGCE but you graduate a year early as a teacher. I love it - pm me if u need help with Geography I don't know very much but i lots of textbooks!



I just got back from a party for celebrating our GCSEs and decided to catch up on tMP!

I got four A*s (Double science, maths and statistics), 5 As (Music, Textiles, Spanish, French and English Literature) and two Bs (English and ICT).

And that is also the order of the subjects i like! (coincidence - i think not!)


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well done!!
i got 3 a's 2 b's and 5 c's!!!!

AND!!! *mega proud* i got a B in maths, after taking the higher paper (which my class work showed i wasnt really capable of doing) and getting over 25% on it!!!!!

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