Good Bands near Portsmouth

Tuba tough Lips

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Dear all,
I am looking for a non SA brass band near Portsmouth (within 20 miles or so) to play in. I can knock out a decent tune on Euphonium or EEb Tuba and have been playing for about thirty years.

I would also be interested in joining a brass quintet in the same area but have not been able to find either. If anybody has any ideas please e-mail or post a reply.
Thank you,

Tuba tough lips.


There's Southampton Central Band, I used to play for them before i moved back up north. They were 1st section about 7 years ago, dont know now though. Friendly band.


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Southampton central merged with Solent brass 3 or 4 years ago and are now called Ocean Brass, they are still in the 1st section

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