Going to Sunderland University


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If anyone is going to Sunderland University Murton Colliery Band always welcome students. We are currently 3rd section and have players of all ages. We do need a couple of basses and back row cornets but all are welcome. If anyone is interested email MissBaritone@aol.com or contact me on 01429 271463


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You could also give www.fiveriversbrass.org.uk a try there are students currently studying at the university of Sunderland in the band and transport is easily accessable from all halls of residents either through the use of the tyne and wear metro (an unlimited pass in Sunderland for the year £10 from the University) or a lift from members of the band already in Sunderland. We are a friendly band and have various vacancies for new members, everyone is welcome to come and just have a blow.

contact lynda.brown@sunderland.ac.uk

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