Wishing 2nd man down the best of luck in the BOC Brother House!!!
I really hope he makes it to the end as the winner :lol:

For no reason other than the fact we won't have to put up with him at band rehearsals, ha, ha!

Keep him in and locked up for good :twisted:

Sorry mate, love ya really!


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I'm a bit worried for the boy, he's put two message's in the diary room that says "single" message on why we failed!!!!!

2nd man down

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Keith's right hand man said:
Keep him in and locked up for good :twisted:

Huh?!?! (secretly plots evil things to do to KRHM involving all her Elvis gear once (or if) he gets out of this place.)

Liz Courts

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I think that the breaking of the diary room chair has already won it for 2nd man down...great entertainment!! :p :D


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I wonder how long 2md will get to keep his lovely new avatar that he loves so much...??? :lol: :lol: :lol:


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I'm all for a bit of fun and all that but what you have now done to 2md's avatar is just not on! I'm afraid Amnesty International will be getting a call!!! :shock:

This isn't BOC Brother, it's more like Tenko! I bet he'll be emotionally scarred for life after this.

All I can say is that for him to be allowing this, he either really really wants to win, or it's driven him over the edge and he's gone mad!!!

Well Worth It

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Accidental said:
I think he's gone mad!!

Only 2md could mentally empty to the water from a virtual swimming pool before jumping in.

S'alright mate, the guys in white will look after you when you get out!

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