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Any previous girls of brass out there ? I'm thinking of organising another girls of brass concert, as they went down a treat and As I've said previously, I'm looking to raise a lot of money for born free and the wilderness trust, who I am going to africa with next summer.
Any of the organisers on here from the past few gigs ? If so, It would be great if anyone would get in touch to give me a hand. And any girls that would be interested in playing, thought maybe either Nick Childs or Dicky Boy Evans as the last ones as conductor.
So yeah, anyone get in touch if any ideas or contacts to help me, Jill or Claire I remember organising loads for it all.
Jocelyn x


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I'd be up for playing - flugel ideally or failing that rep/front row. I can also hit things quite well!

Rach x
Hi Jocelyn.

I played sop at the Uppermill Civic Hall concert with Richard Evans. I and Allison Bonnar (Scottish Euph player) would be both interested in playing for Girls of Brass again, we were only talking about it a couple of weeks ago. Claire Shepherd I think organised stuff for it.



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Yeah it was Claire Shepherd and Gill Hammond (still playing for Glossop Band I believe)

US BT girlies'll be up for playing if you need us Joss :tup

Naomi McFadyen

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hey Josey!
Would love to help out... give me a bell if you need anything!
(Got drum kit up with me now and my own car!) so, anything, let me know.

See you soon.
Best wishes, and a happy christmas to you! :D


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Hi Jostix, this sounds great - dunno if you're looking for any new players, but I'd love to help out if you ever come "down South"


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Blimey, only put that on a few hours ago and got all those replies already.
Thats great news that theres people up for doing it.
I'll have to try and get in touch with Claire, try and sort something out, I know she was pretty busy organising it before, but we'll try get something organised. All the previous jobs have been good fun and well attended, so Its all looking good. I have to raise my money by the beginning of may, so depending how quickly things get going in the new year, maybe one up north ish, and one further down south to try and suit people.
Thanks for letting me know anyway, Anymore interested and let me know what you play etc.. and I'll let you know what I manage to get sorted.


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If you're stuck, I'm sure Roger wouldn't mind turning out in his dress from the pantomime thread :oops:

Di B

Heard about one of these concerts when I was with NCT a long time ago!

If you need a euphonium player, give us a shout!

One thing though, why a male conductor?! :shock: :shock: :shock:



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Di B said:
One thing though, why a male conductor?! :shock: :shock: :shock:

Indeed; there are a few women taking top section bands these days - I couldn't possibly start the list anywhere but with our conductor, Catherine Underwood, but there's also Lynda Nicholson with Besses, I think, and maybe one or two more?


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