Sold/Expired Gig Bag

For Sale - Dual Cornet / Trumpet or Flugel Gig Bag

There are two compartments which will easliy fit in a cornet, trumpet or flugel plus plemty of room for mutes. There is also middle section to store music which does keep music flat. The gig bag can be carried in three ways - over the shoulder, on wheels like a suitcase with a push in handle or normally like a bag.

Ideally looking for £40.00 - its has hardly been used.

Please contact Nick on 07966 096219 or email or pm.


Hi Kirsty, what make/model is it? Any chance of a photo, even if it's just one of a similar product off the net? Cheers :)


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Kirsty Abbotts said:
Have you got an email address? I'll send a photo if you have. Not sure how to put a photo on the forum!
Use the attachment manager Kirsty - under the main post area. You can select a file on your PC that you wish to include with the main post. Easy.... have a go...
Hopefully two photos are now attached!


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