Ghosts........ do you believe in them?

Do you believe in ghosts?

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Do you want more???????

I told my daughter that we were thinking of buying a house (this was a couple of years ago) and she immediately leapt up to the couch and looked out of the window and sombrely said 'the trees say we can't go'.

Are you freaked out yet?

Seriously though, I've been here for a while and if there is anything in this house, then they must think kindly of us. My daughters spooky conversations seemed to have tailed off now she is getting older. She still has odd gems now and again, but it seems my son maybe is sensing something.


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Alex, I think you should think seriously about storing those bottles of Whisky on the higher shelves so the kids can't reach them! ;)
Naomi, I can keep these stories going all night. Are you sure you want to hear them?

Only joking. Those things really have happened and sure we get spooky noises. The howling wind, the owls and of course the rattling chains. (The last one was a joke).

The other week, I was in the bathroom and out of the corner of my eye I could see something flickering against the light. I first thought it would be a moth, but on second glance it was a bat!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The bat's movements were completely random. I knew I couldn't spend all night pinned against the wall so I thought, once it came flying toward me I would make a run for the door. Well, I did and the blooming awful thing hit my head. Well, I think I broke some windows with my screaming!! :lol:

When Simon came back, the bat had gone and I haven't seen it since. (and I haven't slept since)
dyl said:
Alex, I think you should think seriously about storing those bottles of Whisky on the higher shelves so the kids can't reach them! ;)

Aw, come on Dyl, you've gotta get your fun somewhere!

Honest, guv. These stories are true. My kids'll end up on Tricia wiv emotional problems soon.
Just aside from my freaky kids and freaky castle.

I love Most Haunted but I can't stand Most Haunted live. It's always so lame. And what happened to camp Jason from the first series. I thought he was good at all that parapsychology, devils advocate, won't believe it until a ghost beats me about the head with a marigold malarkey.

James McFadyen

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I so love Most Haunted and Most Haunted Live!!! ;) Fantastic!

We should get them do to somewhere in Fife! Maybe if us two fight hard enough, we'll get them to investigate all the spooky places in our wonderful little kingdom! :lol:

James McFadyen

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lol Dyl!!!

I love it when Yvette screems - she scares easily and it makes for good viewing, I would so love to participate in a Most Haunted Live!! :wink:

and get lost in the woods with Yvette! :wink:


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must be a scottish thing... they obviously didn't get the last word in when they popped it so they've come back to get one last dig in! :wink:


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dont watch most haunted *dont hurt me :?* and dont really believe in ghosts unless theres concrete proof in front of my very eyes.
thought i saw the ghost of my grandad once in a cream coat and grey flat peak cap... turned out i'd had a bit to much to drink and the 'ghost' was actually a fence post at the bottom of the field. felt v silly, speshally as me and my boyfriend had been shouting hello at it for about 10 mins!!! :oops:
i tend to be fairly sceptical when it comes to the supernatural, but i did have a fairly ghostly experience.
i think i was about 12, and preparing for a piano duet concert. Me and my duet partner went to practice in the concert hall (a 16th century monastry dining room), and thought we could hear some notes being played whilst stood outside.
we went into the hall, and saw a funny light around the piano. the light was concentrated around the piano stool, and seemed to have a definate shape, and although the notes had stopped, it felt really odd.
We ran out and refused to go back in until daylight.
maybe the overactive imaginations of 2 twelve year old girls, but it was scary at the time.
I love Most Haunted and most Haunted live! Most Haunted unseen is the best though!!! :lol: :lol:

I've never seen a ghost and for me to be sure whether i believe in them or not, I would have to see one for myself.

Although what keeps me from being a cynic is my great grandad who is 100!!!
He is a keen artist and he says that when he was painting in the middle of a field one time, two men who looked like they were from the edwardian period walked behind him on a path and they tipped their hat to him etc.
And he turned to look infront and when he turned back around they had totally disappeared!! But it was a huge open fieldand so they couldn't have gone anywhere!!!

He has to be the most cynical man on the planet and yet when it comes to ghosts, he is adiment that he has seen them and that he deffinately didn't imagine them (as he has told me thousands of times :roll: bless him)

So if I'm not a non-believer but for me to believe i would have to see for myself. I'm gonna float inbetween!! :lol:

(sorry, really unfunny joke there :oops: )