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Hello there,

A little about myself.

I work as a Planning Officer for North Tyneside Council where I determine Householder and Minor Planning Applications, as well as untaking other statutory duties. I embarked upon this career following 4 years of study (3UG, 1PG) at University of Sheffield. I am currently working towards full membership of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

I live in Wylam in Tynedale, approx. 10 miles West of Newcastle upon Tyne.

I began playing at the age of 9 on Cornet and by the age of 10 was playing 3rd Cornet for Ovington Tynedale Band. Under the tutelage of Dave Hignett, I progressed to Repiano Cornet with Ovington Tynedale and onto 1st Trumpet in Northumberland Schools County Wind Orchestra. During this time Ovington qualified for the National Finals (4th Section) in 1996 and secured promotion to the 3rd Section.

With the start of VI Form came a move to Eb Bass, prompted by a call for volunteers from NSCWO. I took up the challenge “for a laugh”. Strangely I discovered that I was much better at bass playing than I was at Cornet playing so stuck with the larger instrument and as a result added membership of the successful Northumberland County Youth Jazz Orchestra to my list of ensembles. I was a member of NYCJO during a time when Gold Awards were gained at the National Concert Band Festival and partook in a successful France tour

A move to Sheffield to attend university meant that I switched bands to Dronfield (CMW), South of Sheffield. I spent 2 enjoyable years with this friendly 3rd Section Derbyshire band before moving onto Barnsley Building Society Band in the Yorkshire 1st Section. Here I not only learnt how to understand a Baaarnsley accent, but was also able to improve my playing.

During an eventful period in the band’s history, I was a member as Barnsley Building Society were relegated, re-promoted, qualified for the National Finals (2nd Section), won Pontins (2nd Section), as well as gaining successful results at Butlins CISWO contest (1st Section) and at Whit Friday. Whilst in Sheffield, I had the pleasure of helping and becoming friends with several local bands including; Killamarsh Silver, Chapeltown Silver, Old Silkstone, Bestwood Black Diamonds Band in Nottingham and Flixton Band in Manchester, as well as participating in several university ensembles including Sheffield University Symphony Orchestra and Sheffield University Wind Orchestra.

On my return to the North East in 2005, after a year and half with Barnsley Building Society, I was delighted to accept the invitation to play with Westoe (STHCT) Band in the 1st Section, where I am re-united with several other former Ovington Tynedale members, including my sister. I can be heard on the band's debut CD 'Beyond the Colliery' which is one only a few brass recordings available via iTunes. I can also be sometimes spotted playing with Northumberland Orchestral Society.

My other interests include playing my didgeridoo, supporting Newcastle Utd and helping my village Cub/Scout Troops as a leader.
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Hey Colin,

Many thanks for popping your introduction here... thanks for your support matey... :hi


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I played in the Tmp Whit Friday Band '03, Tmp Children in Need Band '04, Tmp Easingwold Band '04 and '05, Tmp Pontins Band '04 and the first ever Tmp Wedding Band. I am also the Official Tmp Wedding Dancer (also available for Bah Mitzvahs).


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geordiecolin said:
Strangely I discovered that I was much better at bass playing than I was at Cornet playing
:eek: Glad I never got to hear you on cornet then!!

Only kidding mate, BOC ON!!!!

P.S. Anth has a load of photos from holland, including some of us playing the mighty Lego StarWars :biggrin:


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:hi Colin.

*Makes note to be at next tMP event so I can see Colin dancing. :eek:;)