Sold/Expired Geneva Symphony Flugel Horn (Lacquered) for sale


Due to a change on to horn I'm now looking to sell my Geneva Symphony Flugelhorn in brass, it is around 8 months old and has a tiny nick in the bell lacquer that is not noticeable. Has both 1st and 3rd valve triggers and as the bore is quite large is produces a rich, dark tone. It is a cracking instrument; I've also had feedback from other players who have played it saying the same.

I'd like to get dead on £2000 for it as it was £2495 when I bought it. It comes with a Wallce in-bell practice mute (retails around £60 depending on which supplier you go for), Geneva hard case and a black Fusion Premium gig bag (You cannot get the plain black ones at the moment but usually retail around £190 link below) both are in perfect condition), I can also throw in a 4fl wick silver mouthpiece if wanted.

I'm based in Nottinghamshire and am happy to post following full purchase, cost will be discussed at that time.

I'll upload some photos



Gig bag link Premium Flugelhorn

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