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Latest anagram quiz is a collection of famous people, slogans, double acts, well known sayings, pop groups etc. etc. Instead of giving you the number of letters in each word, I've given you a clue to the answer as well as the anagram containing some form of relevance (some stronger than others....) to the answer itself. They're the only indications you're getting! Good luck and as suggested at the end of the previous anagram quiz, could you please pm me with your answers, instead of posting them here on this board, to give everybody who wishes to have a go a chance. Ta muchly.

(Edit) Deadline, 6pm tomorrow.

Actors jet in and each sued Hello! magazine (Hollywood couple)

I'm one gloom cretin (Scottish sportsman)

Lax ref? Us gone! (Famous football manager)

The boring, sly duo began war (A couple of erm... politicians!)

Want cleaner bowels (brand of beer)

American lager a flop (a beer 'organisation')

He's back... I run! (Ex sportsman currently starring in a fast food chain ad)

One ball rises as to veer (Veteran golfer)

So, I'll win race (ex jockey turned pundit)

Hairstyle? No 'air! (TV chef)

Regrets, lately (Popular diva)

Am old drivel (Ex politician turned sports and music critic/presenter)

Timely video nastie (A period of broadcasting)

Nitrogenous snot voices (Music competition)

Into new lad (TV presenter)

Portly nosh man, low on art (Another famous chef)

Blob recreation (Actor, notably in Harry Potter films)

Hey geek! Adios, w***er! Let boy out! (Current TV catchphrase)

Slow elimination? What a bore! (Quiz show)

Verdi panner? (Famous conductor)

Rich pleb pride in naive lass (Famous married couple with a bit of an age gap)

Disjoint my temper? I punch protestor! (Description and name of well known politican)

In assembly: cat, alsatian, raven, camel, fish, lion. (Famous classical music work and its composer)

Four join royal band...end...three'd carry on. Er, magic my dear! (Individual members of pop/rock group)

Hey you! I, King, direct in bold brass! (Musical ensemble which should be familiar to tMP users)


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Just pm'd Dave with my answers - not that I got them all :oops:

Still plenty of time for more entries - deadline 6pm tonight :lol:

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