Garry Cutt goes to Leyland


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This has been snuck away on the brass band world website, and I don't think the press release has been put on 4barsrest yet, so here it is, just for those who hadn't heard:

Garry Cutt goes to Leyland

The Leyland Band have announced that Garry Cutt has agreed to become their new professional conductor. Garry recently tendered his resignation as musical director of Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Band, after 12 successful years.

Speaking of his appointment, Garry said "I am a firm believer in 'the working chemistry' theory. Having enjoyed two very special working relationships with two very different bands, namely Grimethorpe and Marple, and having worked with Leyland on one-off contest appearances, I feel I can build upon the relationship that already exists with the players and look forward to strengthening the playing personnel in general.

"The Leyland diary is not quite as hectic as what I have been used to in the past 12 years, therefore enabling me to engage in other kinds of work that I have been wanting to do for some time." Speaking for the Leyland Band, Edward Tarling confirmed that the marriage of minds between Garry and the band "has been forged over the past two years and we can only expect his full time commitment to improve matters even more."

Edward also said that the band wished to thank Michael Fowles, their associate conductor for the past three years, for the brilliant work he has done for the band in concerts and trusts there will be "opportunities for Michael to continue working with the band. Meanwhile, we hope that Garry's partnership with the band will be of long standing."
Great news for Leyland.

Garry is fantastic.

I hope everything works out for you guys and you get straight back to the Open.




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Kerwintootle said:
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Cheers Alex, and thanks for taking my post seriously despite my avatar! :oops:

I think it's lovely. I should have considered it myself. Think it would have looked great in BBW!

wow! the pink hat would be famous

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