Sold/Expired G-Bass trombone (1921) for auction.


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Looks gorgeous! I might even be interested if I have a bit of spare cash hanging about!

Only one thing... if the case hasn't survived, what do you keep it in?


... if the case hasn't survived, what do you keep it in?

I keep it in the spare room, but if you buy it it's up to you.

Andy :wink:


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In case anyone is still looking for a "G", two more currently on ebay:

and one for sale as a set with 2 tenors!

The first one has less than 24 hours to go. The second one still has a couple of days, but you would probably want more details from the seller as the picture is not very clear, although all instruments look in good condition.


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they just don't look quite as pretty... and to think i only missed out on the other one by about £250!!!


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