Fundraising for All Brass Radio!


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Many of you may know that the station runs playing all Brass Band Music and Brass Solos 24/7/365 without any advertising. I have a few monthly sponsors that are VERY DEDICATED.

I want the station to stay on the air and ad-free. But I need monthly sponsors that add up to about $220 a month. If I had 35 listeners (a very small fraction of the thousands and tens of thousands of listeners I get worldwide each day) give $5 each month (which is less than £5) the station would run smoothly.

In the twelve years of the station, I have paid the difference (except the period Midland CD helped sponsor the station for which I will be forever grateful). My car accident has me on disability and I can no longer work. So I am asking some of the fine folks who do listen to the station to go to the front page and consider a monthly donation of $5, $10, or $25.

If I get more than I need, I will start the process of making the station legally non-profit and have some funds to buy more new music to keep the playlist "fresh". That is a nice dream to have. Consider a monthly gift. I know many of you have bands to support and many other causes. I do not ask lightly.


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Fun Radio Spot to listen to made by the fantastic UK Voice of Alan Bainbridge
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