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Hi, I'm a university student and I play flugelhorn and trumpet. I'm doing my final project on trumpet concertos and have 1 or 2 pieces that need an Eb trumpet. Being a university student I don't have the money to buy one. Is there any way of getting funding as an individual to carry on my research and studies? Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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I just happened to log-in and see the post above, the OP’s first …

My suggestion to the OP is that they talk to their University Tutor and their Departmental Head about what is needed to complete the tasks that they have set her. As she is already a Brass Player she will (should) be familiar with Brass Bands, I wonder which University she is at and whether there are any Brass Bands near by, Soprano Cornets are pitched in Eb and maybe there’s the making of a route for her there.


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while that is a helpful suggestion, sincerely offered, it might not be the best solution, the Eb trumpet (often with D tuning slides as well) is a different beast to the soprano cornet, just as a Bb trumpet is different to a cornet. Gear4music in York have a Coppergate Eb/D trumpet for £320, which might be an acceptable price for a student

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