Sold/Expired FS: Yamaha YEB-381S Silver-plated 5-valve Eb Tuba

This listing is posted for a friend of mine whose contact information appears below.

Yamaha YEB-381S Silver-plated 5-valve Eb Tuba
Excellent instrument for solos, chamber ensembles or brass band.
4 upright valves, plus a rotary-action fifth valve for pitch
compensation in
the low register. The tuba is a half-step lower with the 4th + 5th
than with the 4th valve only. It is silver plated and in very good
condition. Bore 0.689", Bell diameter 15-1/8", Height 34", net weight
only) 18.3 lbs., non-compensating. Comes with hard case and gig bag
Conn Helleberg mouthpiece. Asking $3300.

Roger Menning
Crystal Lake, Illinois USA

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